Debut album "Pathless Land" to be released March 25, 2014!



Brad Whiteley is a New York City based pianist, organist, and keyboardist. His debut jazz album “Pathless Land” was recently released on Destiny Records to rave reviews including 4 stars and selection as an editor’s pick in Downbeat magazine. Brad has performed or recorded with numerous people in the pop and jazz worlds. He has been a member of Regina Spektor’s band for the past 4 years, which have included numerous television appearances (Letterman, Colbert, Leno, Fallon, etc.) and numerous world tours (Royal Albert Hall, The Greek Theater, Sydney Opera House, etc.). He has recently worked with David Byrne developing his new musical as synth programmer and conductor. Brad has performed or recorded with numerous artists including Kellylee Evans, Grace Kelly, Kenneth Salters, Michael Eaton, Cameron Mizell, Jon Crowley, Dave Liebman, Lionel Loueke, Myron Walden, Stacy Dillard, Tivon Pennicott, Stargroves, Erika Lloyd, Adam Minkoff, Stan Killian, Jeffrey Goldford, Rain Pryor, Jenna Nichols, and Hey Guy amongst others. He has performed in NYC clubs including Smalls, The 55 Bar, Iridium, Smoke, The Jazz Gallery, and Bargemusic. Originally hailing from Syracuse, NY, he received a Masters Degree and Performer’s Certificate from the Indiana University School of Music with further studies at the Mancini Institute, The Banff Centre, and the Aspen Music Festival. He has studied privately with Mike LeDonne, Fred Hersch, David Baker, and Mike Melvoin amongst others. In addition to playing jazz piano and organ Brad is also fluent in Ableton Live and Apple Mainstage/Logic. Brad is an accompanist for the WeBop program at Jazz at Lincoln Center and music director and organist at Blessed Sacrament Church in the Bronx.

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Press for “Pathless Land”

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4 Stars
“With his first album, Pathless Land, New York pianist-organist Brad Whiteley offers more than a smart record. He shows us how it’s done.”
“Over Salters’ supportive beat and his own deep bass lines, Whiteley gets warm, funky, playful, and enthusiastic. Much like the way he planned out Pathless Land, “Bass Instincts” (Track 3) gives you everything you need, and not a drop more. Because no one needs that extra drop, it’s a waste”
—Brad Farberman Downbeat Magazine July 2014 Issue

“He certainly succeeds in achieving that balance with his nine original compositions here, making Whiteley an exciting young artist to watch. When playing piano, he’s got a great touch and strong sense of melody. When playing organ, he’ll get your feet moving.”
—Bobby Reed Downbeat Editors Pick June 2014

“Brad Whiteley delivers music that’s easy and enjoyable to traverse.”
“Whiteley’s ability to hone in on an idea and trim away excess…guides and informs this work.”
“everything…is expertly balanced and aligned on Pathless Land.”
—Dan Bilawsky All About Jazz

“Whiteley puts his knack for emotionally vivid third-stream piano on display with “Suite: Contemplation” (Track 4), anchoring Lloyd’s crystalline, deep-sky vocalese with brooding   block chords and steady, eerily Satie-esque figures over Salters’ misterioso mallet and cymbal work. Likewise, “Suite: Resolve” (Track 7) mingles darkly latin-tinged phrases and uneasy chromatics over a restless drive punctuated by an elegantly insistent Foose solo and a relentless, shamanic, otherworldly spirit duel between the piano and the drums.”
“The eclecticism of these compositions testifies to Whiteley’s long view of music from Bach to the B3. Yet in the end, Whiteley’s translucent, melodic sound is uniquely his own.”
—Delarue Lucid Culture

“This inspired program is filled with expressiveness and creativity and reveals Whiteley’s limitless imagination. Overall, Pathless Land is sure to interest his fans and attract many new ones. Check it out.”
—Paula Edelstein Sounds Of Timeless Jazz

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Press as a Sideman

“In bringing his music to life, Eaton leverages the talents of his band mates. Pianist Brad Whiteley proves to be the greatest asset here. He builds foundations sympathetic to Eaton’s mindset, moves in lockstep with various players, delivers idiosyncratic thoughts, weaves catchy ostinatos into the fabric of the music, and speaks with authority while doing all of it.”
– Dan Biwalsky All About Jazz

“Organist Brad Whiteley proves to be the perfect foil for Moran’s soloing, supplying the bed for the guitarist’s always-interesting solos. Whiteley also proves no slouch in the soloing department, with imaginative and funky turns on pretty much every cut.”
– John Heidt  Vintage Guitar Magazine

“When the organ is in the right hands under these circumstances, as is the case with the Nick Moran Trio’s “No time Like Now,” it can’t help but be an exciting instrument to listen to, in this regard Brad Whiteley has acquitted himself with aplomb on every track; there is no hint of pedagogy in his playing personality, and on the date’s final selection (“Renewal”), he breaks out of his bag with pungent swing, mixed delicately with some Monkish dissonance
– C J Bond